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Custom Made Dentures & Partial Dentures in Central IL

Having missing teeth can affect more than just your smile – most of the time, this means everyday habits such as talking, eating, and chewing can be more of a chore than ever before.

At our family dentistry in Metamora, IL, we specialize in the custom fitting of full dentures and partial dentures for patients of all ages. Whether you’re missing several teeth or one, our denture options can make a world of difference to your everyday life. Contact our office staff today to learn more about our denture options and how we can help improve the state of your oral health.

Dentures VS. Partials: What’s the Difference?

There are many differences between dentures and partials that patients should be aware of when looking for a permanent solution to their missing, cracked, or decayed teeth. Full dentures are designed for patients that have several teeth missing on the top or bottom arch of their mouth. When this is the case, a complete row of teeth will be designed using a mold of your mouth to replace all of your natural teeth. These can be easily removed just like partial dentures, however, no natural teeth are remaining.

Partial dentures are also custom-made, just like full dentures, however,  there are only a few prosthetic teeth attached to a plate that is inserted in and around your existing teeth. Depending on the severity of your dental needs will determine which set of dentures is right for you.

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Full dentures are the complete replacement of natural teeth using custom-made, removable prosthetic teeth that are inserted over your gums. Our dentists recommend full dentures as a solution for those that are missing an entire row of top or bottom teeth due to damage or decay, or have several missing on both top and bottom with oral health that needs professional care. Our full dentures sets are made from acrylic or plastic that is fabricated in a lab using a mold of your gums to comfortably attach the prosthetics in your mouth that will aid in everyday habits such as eating, talking, chewing, and smiling.


Partial dentures are for patients that still have several, quality teeth intact, but are needing to complete their smile with custom teeth that fit their gums. Once our dentists determine that partials are a good option to replace your cracked or extracted teeth, prosthetics will be fitted to a plate that is then fitted to your healthy teeth and gums. Partials are a great solution for patients as they can be removed easily and are almost unrecognizable from your existing teeth. Contact our staff in Metamora, IL for a free consultation on our partial denture services to see if they are a good solution to your oral health needs.

The Benefits of Our Dentures & Partials

Several benefits come from having full dentures or partial dentures fitted to your gums. Not only does the extraction of your broken or decaying teeth benefit your oral health, but dentures offer patients restored self-esteem and the prevention of further health issues. Learn which type of denture is right for your oral health needs by contacting our staff in Metamora, IL. We guarantee the following benefits with our dentures: